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What is Alibaba?

What is
What is
Alibaba is a single-handedly online B2B (business to business) trade market platform founded in 1999 by Mǎyún (马云). Alibaba is well known to connect business men all around the world and to provide you with any kind of goods possible – usually in big quantities for reselling.

In May 2003, invested one hundred million RMB to build Taobao – an opportunity for individul people (non businesses) to sell their used goods.

In July 23 2012, Alibaba announced the adjustment of Taobao: Tmall, a B2C platform to completely offer all three kinds of business: B2B (Alibaba), C2C (Taobao), B2C (Tmall).

Alibaba website
Alibaba website
Company Name: 阿里巴巴
Foreign language name: Alibaba
Headquarters location: Hong Kong (International Headquarters), Hangzhou (China Headquarters)
Founded: September 10, 1999 (International Headquarters), September 9, 2000 (HQ)
Business scope: (B2B) e-commerce
Company form: Joint-stock
Founder: 马云 (Mǎyún)
Honors: China’s largest and world’s second largest Internet companies
Stock Code: 1688
Type: online trading market platform
CEO: LU Zhao-xi (陆兆禧)