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How to register on

You think registering on Taobao is hard? No way!
Signing up on is as easy as filling out any other form online. You just need to know what field needs which to be filled in.

Just follow these easy signup steps and your registration on Taobao is finished in just a couple of minutes:

Step 1: Go to Taobao homepage and click “Free Signup” (免费注册)

Register onTaobao
Click Sign Up on Taobao

Step 2: Fill out the Form
Type in the Username, Password and the Verification code. Click “Next”

taobao registration
First form to fill out on your Taobao Registration process

Step 3: In this stepyou can choose between two options for verficating your account – by email or by mobile phone number

Taobao Regsitration Verification Process
Taobao Regsitration Verification Process

a) For cell phone verification you nbeed to have your mobile phone at hand – because you only have one minute to enter the verification code that will be sent to your (Chinese) mobile phone.

b) The email verification works just like with any other online signup that you might know: wait for the email, in case you don’t get it check the junk folder … click the link and go on in the form (on taobao that means clicking the orange buttons).

Step 4: You have finished the Taobao Signup process and have successfully registered to

Easy Taobao Registration Final
Easy Taobao Registration Final

Here are 2 Youtube Tutorials showing in “Motion Picture” how eas a taobao signup really is: